About Us

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Warm, Contemporary Music

At The Pointe Church, we don't equate worship with music, but music is an important expression of our worship. It's not a performance. It's not a production. It's one of the ways that we express to the Lord and to each other that we love Jesus. Oh, you'll hear beautiful harmonies, and we hope the songs sound great, but more than anything, we want music to be a vehicle that takes us into the Presence of the Lord.

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Practical Bible Teaching

It seems that life isn't as simple as it once was. In many ways, everything seems to be turned upside down. Complicated. This is not the time for shallow, trivial messages that simply amuse us. It's the time for digging deeper in God's Word. Oh, we laugh...and we cry...and we seek...and we follow. To lead fulfilling lives of purpose in these difficult days, we find direction in God's Word. Really. Practical...Compelling...Unafraid. At The Pointe Church, we take God's Word very seriously.

Community Service

The Pointe Church is not the biggest church in Wilson County. That's not our primary focus. Our primary focus is on loving God and loving people. We love God by striving to be obedient to His Word. We love people by striving to meet needs in our community. We support a variety of ministries, including Camp Overton and the Mt. Juliet Help Center. We even reach out in ministry to places like England, where we help fund an urban community church in the Liverpool area.

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Fellowship of Believers

Did we mention that we enjoy this community of Christ-followers? We pray together. We work together. We laugh together. The Pointe Church feels a lot like a family...not perfect, but also not perfectly awful! We want to glorify God in every way that we can. Worship. Service. Fellowship. And we would be delighted to welcome you in the family. Join us for worship on Sundays at 10:00 AM.